I have known Jennifer Bielen for over 15 years. In that time she has trained six dogs of my dogs. Some were responsive. Some where stubborn. All were trained with firmness, consistency and with love.
Jen has always gone the extra mile and extended herself way above and beyond the call of duty. She helped batten down my house during a hurricane and stayed with the dogs through it. She also held my best dog ever as she was put to sleep. I was out of town on both occasions but had total confidence that Jen would to not only do the right thing, but she would do the best thing. A+++
I met Jennifer Bielen approximately 12 years ago when she came to my house for the first training session for my dog, Willie. Willie was a very aggressive, domineering puppy. After approximately 3 months, we were able to control him in a way we never had before.  Her relationship to animals is amazing and Willie seemed to behave in her presence as if he were a different dog.  After many weeks of practice, on my part, Willie was beginning to become the family pet for which we hoped.  When Willie’s training ended, Jennifer began boarding him when we were out of town.  Jennifer always treated Willie as if he were her own pet.  I would not trust him with anyone else and I know when he is with her, Willie is treated extremely well.  I have recommended Jennifer to many of my friends for both training and boarding. Jennifer’s work ethic is impeccable and her kindness for my ‘wild’ Willie knows no bounds.
–  JA Cleary Palm Beach Gardens
Oh what a wonderful world it would be if every puppy and their owner/parent had a Jennifer Bielen to patiently and lovingly teach by example. I have to believe God brought you into our lives because I’m so stubborn and in my 70 s and hubby is so lenient and in his 80s and without someone of your caliber to teach us and our puppies we would NOT be able to keep them. The manager where we live told me he wished some of tenants were as civilized and well behaved. I just smiled and thought of you Jen, thank you.  – Angela Castellano
Storm was always a good dog. I originally got her as a rescue dog, so she came to me with some issues left over from her life before. I always just assumed that was always the way it would have to be.
Then, we met Jen Bielen. She was working with a group that provided service dogs to eligible service members. At first, the organization wanted to provide me with one of their dogs, but Jen saw the potential in Storm. She took the love and trust Storm and I already had, and built on it with expert training, and encouragement.
Thanks to Jen, Storm has been by my side through amazing adventures, travel, as well as heartache. More importantly, she has been a happy, loving dog, and a great member of my family.
Thank you, for everything you’ve done, Jen! You gave me my best friend.  – Alan Coffman
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