Behavior Problems

Learn to communicate with your best friend in a way he understands

Your dog is doing what he believes is the right thing.  Sometimes we inadvertently reward behavior we don't like.  Sometimes what we thought was cute as a puppy isn't so much fun anymore.  Regardless of the cause of the behavior, we can help you improve your dog's behavior.



Most dogs with housebreaking issues are just confused on the rules.  With a little structure, the situation can be greatly improved.


Your pooch doesn't know the difference between "work clothes" and casual clothes.  Let us teach him the proper greeting that doesn't involve dirt.


He's communicating, but everyone is annoyed.  With proper tools and direction, teach your canine companion to communicate in the style you like.


Maybe he's cooling off. Maybe he's trying to visit the neighbors. Either way we can help you get a handle on the problem.

Other Issues

Contact us to discuss your dog's specific issues.

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